Can you buy whale teeth?

How to have a sperm whale tooth registered
Orca Whale tooth

You can buy, but whale or orca teeth are expensive. They can be of different sizes and the price will be different. Sperm whale teeth can be 20 centimeters, and orca teeth up to 13 centimeters in length. Usually, people who want to purchase a sperm whale tooth or killer whale have various questions in their heads. For example: How to have a sperm whale tooth registered?; Is it legal to own orca whale teeth?; Can I sell a sperm whale tooth? and other questions. But it all depends on the fossil seller.

Currently, it is forbidden to catch whales and killer whales. Therefore, it is forbidden to sell new teeth. But if you had tooth samples before 1980, you can sell and buy the same. But everything will depend on the seller. If the seller agrees to sell the whale tooth to another country, then it will be necessary to ask him to write “a copy” in the documents, for example. The rules do not limit the personal possession of ivory. Permissions are required for import or export.
A real tooth for sale is very hard to find. These teeth (ivory) are very popular in Norway, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand. Mostly sperm whale teeth and killer whales buy from auction. You will be very lucky if the seller sells you a tooth without an auction. In this case, it may be cheaper for you.

Can you buy whale teeth? Of course you can! Here is the main answer to this question!

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