Is it legal to own orca whale teeth?

Is it legal to own orca whale teeth
Whale Orca teeth for legal to own

You can’t kill whales right now. But previously it was allowed to catch them. And many teeth have been preserved in the world since it was allowed. Until about 1980 of the last century. But you can own orca teeth. No one forbids. You can buy these teeth at auction or from a person directly. In the second case, it will be much cheaper. You can own any teeth of mammals, ancient animals, prehistoric. You can collect a collection of teeth and fossils of different animals. Many collect collections of teeth of killer whales, dinosaurs, tigers, allegators. And no one makes a claim on these collections. You can also find many different fossils and teeth in museums around the world. Thousands and thousands of people around the world own the teeth of sperm whales and killer whales. Some have even more than 10 different copies. And they own easily and manage as they want. They can sell, they can give a friend a paleontologist or a child. By the way, parents often buy different fossils for their children and children own these fossils, collect in collections.

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