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Megalodon jaw for sale

Various teeth of dinosaurs and marine animals can be purchased from the store online. A tooth is a solid calcified structure found in the jaws of different vertebrates. The roots of the teeth are covered with gums. Some animals also use teeth for hunting or defensive purposes. The teeth are not made of bone, but of many tissues of varying density and hardness, which come from ectoderm.

Some animals develop only one set of teeth, and others have many sets.
Sharks, for example, grow a new set of teeth every two weeks to replace worn teeth.

Rodent incisors grow and constantly strike, which helps to maintain a constant length. In tusk mammals, teeth grow almost throughout life.

Teeth are not always attached to the jaw. Often in reptiles and fish, teeth attach to the sky, forming additional rows inside the jaws themselves. Some even have teeth in their throats.

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