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Sperm whale is a wild marine mammal, the only modern representative of the sperm whale family related to dwarf sperm whales. The largest of toothed whales. Adult males reach 20 m length and mass 50 tons, and females – 15 m length and mass 20 tons.

Works of art (which you can to buy) are made from the incisors of this huge wild mammal. Namely, figurines, figures with images of different animals, ashtrays, cane handles, various decorative elements and much more.

Currently, the term scrimshaw also refers to the thread technique and engraving on noble bone, shells, horn, eggshell, etc. You can to buy scrimshaw at auctions. Especially in America and Europe. Ivory carving is very common in Russia. You can find art objects made of ivory. The material used is raw materials of different marine wild mammals, as well as elephant tusk and mammoth, which you can to buy.

In 1712, from the ship of Captain Christopher Hassey, carried away
storm into the open sea, the first large sperm whale was killed. By 1770, already
125 American sailing ships mined sperm whales from Newfoundland
to the Falkland Islands.

Sperm whale fishing was considered very profitable, but was uneconomical,
for only spermacete and ambra were extracted, and carcass was thrown overboard. According to scientists, until the beginning of the 18th century. in the world there were about 1 million sperm whales, by the 1880s about 29% of the population remained. Ambra can be bought now.

The structure of the mouth allows wild sperm whales to actively absorb prey, and they, in fact, do not need teeth. Jaws grow slowly, and by the time they reach the limit size, teeth stop growing and during life do not change. Sperm whale has 23 pairs of teeth in the lower jaw that enter
in holes in the upper jaw, and 1-3 pairs of non-functional teeth on the upper jaw. Sperm whale teeth can be bought on the market.

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