Real megalodon tooth necklace

megalodon tooth ornament
Real megalodon tooth necklace
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Megalodon is one of the largest sharks that inhabited planet Earth. “Megalodon” means big tooth! This shark was up to 60 feet long and weighed up to 75 tons. Megalodon ate many other types of marine life, including giant whales. Scientists believe they used their sharp teeth to bite off fish fins before crushing them with powerful jaws.

Researchers have calculated that Megalodon could close his jaws to 18 tons per square inch. Although Megalodon lived millions of years ago, fossilized teeth are still found. Sharks constantly lose and grow new teeth throughout their lives. Her teeth can be found in many parts of the world. Megalodon teeth are heart-shaped and have toothed edges. These teeth can be found in almost all coastal waters around the world. Some of the most recent teeth were located off the coast of the United States near North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California.

One of the most exciting places in the United States for scientists and those looking for fossilized shark teeth is called Shark Hill Tooth in California. It is known that he has many fossilized sharks’ teeth. You can find sharks teeth for sale to add to your collection. Each collector and scientist would like to have a prehistoric shark tooth sample for display. These giant teeth are a miracle and a reminder of prehistoric life on our planet. They are ideal for teachers and hobbyists.

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