How much is a whale’s tooth worth?

How much is a whale’s tooth worth
How much is a sperm whale’s tooth worth
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The worth of a whale tooth depends on its condition and size.

Description of sperm whale jaw and its value

The sperm whale mouth is located in a notch from below the head. The long and narrow lower jaw is shrunk with the most valuable and large teeth, of which usually 20-26 pairs, and each tooth with a closed mouth enters a separate depression in the upper jaw. Teeth are often smaller, even 8 pairs. Sperm whale teeth are not differentiated; they are all of the same conical shape, weigh about 1 kilogram each and do not have enamel. On the upper jaw of the teeth there are only 1-3 pairs, and often not at all, or they are not shown from the gums. Females always have fewer teeth than males

Genuine sperm whale tooth for sale (how much?)

The real value of a whale’s tooth usually starts from $80 and reaches a thousand or more. Sperm whale tooth is most often found for sale in the UK (United Kingdom), Australia, America, Canada. Whale tooth for sale in New Zealand and around the world the same.

Can you sell sperm whale teeth?

Yes, you can sell a tooth for good value. Killer whale tooth for sale is well taken in Canada. Estimated cost of teeth on average 100-300 US dollars.

How to register a sperm whale tooth when buying?

It does not need to be registered. Just put it in your collection at home.
Sperm whale teeth are often taken for sale to Australia. And when you buy, you can make a good discount.

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  1. I met my Sperm Whales Tooth in a Marine Shop in 1968 in San Fran Cisco . With orders from my 8 year old son to Bring One back for him. My Son is gone now so I dont need the tooth. would like to sell. Its a REAL ONE.

  2. Aloha. I have a real orca tooth, about 4 inches long that was carved by a local Hawaiian. Was wondering how much is it worth? Can send pictures.

  3. May I send you a photo or two of the Sperm whale tooth I purchased in Albany, Western Australia? Albany was once a whaling station and I am sure the tooth is real. In perfect condition. I would love to know price and also marketplace to post for sale. eBay and Craigslist both don’t allow animal parts for sale. Thank you.

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